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I am Andero Kalju. For over 8 years I have been working with a full passion in the field of photography and video. At a younger age, I was involved in very different fields like extreme sports, robotics etc, but I always felt that there was something missing - I needed to bring out my creative side. So, I sold my long-built motorcycle to buy my first camera. This move combined my interest in technology and my need for creative expression. Studying photography in college seemed to be the most logical next move and the only right decision. In 2019 I graduated Pallas University of Applied Sciences, where I also received a scholarship from the Rectors’ Council of Applied Sciences for the best graduation thesis. Over time, in addition to photography, video production and the creation of visuals through a moving image began to interest me more.


I have participated in international advertising campaigns, made advertising clips for various companies, and created VR tours. Biggest customers I have worked with: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Respo, Olerex, Cuba Films and the Estonian Defence League.


I consider myself quite versatile in photo- and videography, and I believe that the variability of projects provides a strong base of experience. I personally prefer to participate in completely different projects because variability adds more colour, knowledge, skill, and opportunities. I also find close cooperation and personalisation to be very important. In addition to my main projects, I also feel an inner obligation to help others and share my knowledge by teaching younger people and raising their interest in photography and videography. From time to time, I organize drone courses and give lectures at Pallas University of Applied Sciences.


In 2021, I also inherited the Kultuuri Tegu 2020 ‘Tuleviku Tegija’ (Future doer/maker) title.


I often work alone, but in larger projects I also like to involve a team.


Jump on board if you wish to work with me and create the next compelling visual!

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